You are interested in the RCT?

Sie sind an einem RCT interessiert?

I deliver to following countries:

EU: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland (incl. Northern Ireland), Italy, Croatia,  Malta, Netherlands, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary

Non-EU: Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA, other Non-EU countries on request

I am sorry, I do not run an online store. If you are interested in an RCT, please send me a short message using the form below. In order to provide you with the correct information, please let me know which country the RCT should be delivered to. The price for a PCB starts at 30 EUR (approx. 32 USD).


Local distributors:

UK: I do not deliver to the UK due to Brexit issues. You can buy the RCT at Retro Lemon in UK. Note that these prices contain VAT, customs duties, shipping to UK. When you are from one of the counties listed above, please contact me directly.

Canada, Norway: Please visit Retro Lemon in UK. You have to create an account, so you see the price without UK VAT.

Brazil: Victor Trucco sells assembled units in his store in Brazil.

France: I am currently looking for a VAT registered company who is interested in selling the RCT in France.

Sie sind an einem RCT interessiert?

Es tut mir leid, aber ich betreibe keinen Online-Shop. Bei Interesse an einem RCT senden Sie mir bitte eine kurze Nachricht.

Ab dem 1.1.2023 werde ich aus Kostengründen aufgrund einer Gesetzesänderung nicht mehr nach Österreich liefern. Näheres hierzu hier, hier und in diesem WKO Artikel.