Tauschangebote / Trade Offers

Ich habe hier einige Geräte zum Tausch aufgeführt. Wer Interesse an einem Gerät hat, kann sich gerne mit mir in Verbindung setzen. Eine etwas aktuellere Liste befindet sich unter old-computers.com.

Here are some computers listed for trading. When you are interested in one of the listed computers please contact me. A more current list of my items can be found on old-computers.com.

Computers and more | WANTED

Computers and more…

C = common, UC = uncommon, R = rare, VR = very rare

Typ Rarity
Elan / Enterprise
  Enterprise 64 1 2 3 4 sorry, not longer available VR VR VR working, BOXED, like new
  Aquarius R R R working
Electron R R R working
Alphatronic PC R R R working
IIc UC UC UC working
MAC SE UC UC UC working
MAC cx UC UC UC working
Atari 2600 (black) C C C working
Atari 2600jr (stamped logo) UC UC UC working
Atari 2600jr (rainbow logo) UC UC UC working
Atari 65 XE R R R not tested
Atari 800 XL UC UC UC working
Atari 1040 ST C C C working
Mega ST 1
sorry, not longer available
R R R working
Atari Portfolio R R R working
Atari Lynx II UC UC UC not working
Commodore C116 R VR VR working
Commodore C16 UC UC UC working
Commodore C128 UC UC UC working
Commodore Plus/4 UC R R working
Datassette 1531 C C C working
Floppy 1541-II C C C working
Epson HX20 R R R working, BOXED, new rechargeable battery required
Epson HX20 R R R working, BOXED, one key missing, new rechargeable battery required
Schneider CPC464 (1) UC R R working
Schneider CPC6128 (1) UC R R working
Sharp MZ-721
sorry, not longer available
R R R working
ZX81 UC UC UC not working, black screen
TRS80 Color Computer 2
sorry, reserved
R R R working, SECAM version
Texas Instruments
TI99/4A UC UC UC working
TI 51-III Calculator R R R working
TI SR-50A Calculator R R R working
Philips VG-8020 R R R working
Philips VG-8235 R R R working
Toshiba HX-10
sorry, not longer available
R R R working
Sony HB-75
sorry, reserved
R R R working
Canon V20 R R R working
Laser 500 R R R not tested
VEB Robotron
A5105 R R R not tested, no PSU available
KC85/4 R R R woring
Hanimex 050c R R R working with Supersportic Cartridge
Hanimex 2650 R R R working, BOXED
R10 9010 R R R not working (3)
Universum 2006 C UC UC working
Universum 4106 UC UC UC working
Electronic Light Gun UC UC UC for Universum 2006 or 4106
Videomaster Superscore R R R working (4)
Tokyo Sportsman VR VR VR working, BOXED
Philips G7400 UC UC UC working

(1) = computers are only rare with „Schneider“ logo outside Germany
(3) = needs 1 Watt, but I could only test it with a 250mA PSU, so perhaps it is ok
(4) = working, you can play with it, but the display is not stable, IMHO the modulator must be adjusted

Suche / Wanted items

In der nachfolgen Liste sind einige Geräte aufgeführt, die ich suche. Diese Liste ist bei weitem nicht vollständig. Wenn Sie ein Gerät besitzen sollten, was hier nicht aufgeführt ist, kann es sein, dass ich trotzdem Interesse daran habe.

The following list shows some items I am looking for. It is not a complete list of all items I am looking for, so if you have a computer or videogame that is not listed here please contact me because I could be interested in it.

Company Typ
Acorn alle/all
Atari Pong, HomePong, UltraPong, SuperPong
Atari 400, 800, 5200
Atari TouchMe
Atari 1200 XL, 1400 XL, 1450 XL
Atari Falcon
Atari ST-Pad, ST-Book
Apple Lisa I, Lisa II
Camputers Lynx
Commodore Kim 1
Commodore MAX
Commodore LCD
Commodore C64GS
Commodore PET, CBM
EACA alle/all
Jupiter Cantab Ace (4000)
Sinclair alle/all
Sinclair Nachbauten/Clones
Spectravideo alle/all
Timex alle/all
VTech alle/all
Others and – of course – all other computers not listed here
und natürlich auch alle anderen Rechner, die hier nicht aufgeführt sind