Chip Tester Professional

Firmware Pro Rev.1

Die aktuelle Firmware für die Pro Rev.1 kann hier heruntergeladen werden. Die Archive enthalten nur die Binärdateien, die per ISP-Brenner geschrieben werden können. Es sind keine Source-Files enthalten! Es ist ein Kennwort für den Zugriff notwendig.

The current firmware for the Pro Rev.1 can be downloaded here. The archives only contain the binary files that can be written using an ISP burner. There are no source files included! A password is required for access.

Changelog - v0.14 / 0.15b1
  • TBD v0.15 – number of custom SRAM and DRAM chips increased to three each and size definition >64k fixed, Added: 49700, 49701, 49702, 49703, 49704, 49705, 49713, 49714, 4930, 4931, 74580, 74689, 75494
  • v0.15b1: TMS4132 (2 x 16k x 1) internal changes, x150 fixed, Selftest improved, March-U error handling fixed, Pull-up settings added for (P)ROMs/EPROMs, Added: ZIP20 64k x 4, MK4332, 7470, 7483, 74159, 74184, 74185, 74196, 74518, 74519, 74620, 74621, 74623, 4929, Fixed: 74165, 74193, 74273, 74283, 7488/188/288, some smaller issues fixed, SD writing speed improved
  • v0.14 – some more optimizations, example systems added to active state selection, 74C920 added
  • v0.14 beta 2 – third display line was not cleared after reading an EPROM, selection of different active states for ROMs (23128, 23256), some internal changes
  • v0.14 beta – „romcrc32.txt“ renamed to „customcrc32.txt“, wrong text fixed when x9 chips are tested, custom SRAM and DRAM chip definition, March-U Test added, Bugfixes: 7490, 4019, 4020, 4029, 4043, Added: 7430, 7472, 4007, 4085, 4097, 4508, 4585, 40147, 40160, 75451, 75452, 75453, 75454, Removed: 7490, Added SRAMs: 6561, 75C910, 81C82, 81C84, EPROM 1702 added (for testing), logic chip open collector handling improved
  • v.0.13.1 – bugfix release – fixes: reading of CRC32s sometimes hangs when no romcrc32.txt is found
  • v0.13 – PAL feature added, data compressed, several TTL chips added, 4118 L=High, fixed an initialization bug for 2108, 7303/8303/7304/8304/4514/4515/4555/4556/4584 added, new group „Misc Logic Tests“, Intel 8259 and ULN200x/280x added, TTL/CHIPs databases reconstructed, 271001/272001 Pin 1 (Vpp=Vcc), „Factory defaults“ added, ZIP20 256×4, 1024×1 and 1024×4, SRAMs F93410/82S208/82S210/82S212 added, EPROMs 272001/274001 added, pattern mechanism optimized, romcrc32.txt contains additional CRC32 values, 7481/7484 added, ZIP ram added (untested)
  • v0.12 – internal changes acc. supported chip profiles, „remember chip“ corrected, SIPP/SIMM 1024k x 8 and 256k x 8 added (30 pins, with and without parity)
  • v0.11 – 4164 timing changed (CAS precharge time increased), 74187 fixed, several bipolar ROMs added, progress bar while saving random data added, 82S09 (menu shows 28 pins, not 24 pins), 4-bit ROMs will also recognized as empty, search DB improved, March Y test added, a few display fixes, 2107 pull down for non active CE (chip can be tested now), TMS2716 added
  • v0.10 – SD Card support added, 2107/2108 timing changed, cyrillic characters in TTL menu, „calculating“ or „saving“ in ROM identifier, progress bar for SRAM tests, nicer progress bar, 7488, 74187, 74271 added, config_dump added
  • v0.9 – ROM DB update (2405 entries), xx1024 timings changed, Active LED (DRAM tests), 41256 timing changed
  • v0.8.1 – Forgot to set a precompiler (RELEASE) flag, so the ROM database was not included
  • v0.8 – Search function added, Active LED for TTL tests, some improvements
  • v0.7 – improved responsiveness, 16k x 1 SRAM (x167) added, 4k x 4 SRAM (x168) added, DSA fixed, 232000/234000 added, key handling improved, lots of Pyramid chips implemented (currently all untested because I do not own them)
  • v0.6 – Signal after selftest added, Alphatronic, Philips ROMs u.a. added, chip type added to menu, 4014 fixed(?), xx256/512/1024 fixed
  • v0.5 – JIT compiler added (SRAM only), DSA fixed, important Chips logic changed
  • v0.4 – xx256/xx512/xx1024 SRAM fast mode (2 instead of 9 minutes), D2142 added, 82S09/93419 added
  • v0.3 – new Kernel, 2704/2708 added, TMS4132 added, 450 EPROMs can be identified, ST7920 display added, display output improved
  • v0.2 – xxx1024 added
  • v0.1 – first version, SRAMs, DRAMs, EPROMs implemented, 4164: optinal „Early Write“
Pro Rev.1 - v0.15 beta 1
Pro Rev.1 - v0.14
Pro Rev.1 - v0.13.1
Pro Rev.1 - v0.12

Adapter / Adapters

Mit Hilfe von Adaptern können spezielle Chips getestet werden. In den Archiven sind die Gerber-Dateien für die Platinenfertigung enthalten.

With the help of adapters, special chips can be tested. The archives contain the Gerber files for PCB production.

Gerber for SIMM/SIPP-Adapter
Gerber for ZIP-Adapter (beta testing, for firmware v.14)
Gerber for 7481/7484-Adapter
Gerber for 1702-Adapter

Weitere Dateien / More files

Hier befinden sich einige weitere optionale Dateien.

Here are some other optional files.

CRC32 Collection (14.11.2020)
Custom Chips Examples (22.11.2020)
Example source code how to use the hardware